Herbert W. Armstrong Searchable Library

Archive Installation Instructions


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Note for post-Windows XP systems:

The 16-bit Searchable Archive will always have to be run on Windows XP, because Microsoft operating systems after Windows XP (or other 64-bit systems) will not run 16-bit programs. For Windows 7 you would first need to install Windows Virtual PC and then install Windows XP Mode (both only available for Windows 7). You would also need an installation disk and a valid product key for Windows XP or Windows 7. We recommend staying with Windows 7 as your last Microsoft operating system, as they are pushing towards a subscription operating system to extract money from you indefinitely. Windows 7 is just fine for the needs of most users. The Searchable Archive is a legacy program and most of the material is also included in the other search engines on this website.



Step 1:

Download the HWA.exe file from this website to your hard drive within Windows XP or the Windows XP Mode virtual system you have created within Windows 7. 



Step 2:

Run the HWA.exe file, usually by double-clicking on it.



Step 3:

Change the destination directory, if desired, or allow installation into the default C:\HWA directory.



Step 4:

Once installed, simply double-click on the RTW.EXE file in the HWA directory to run the Searchable Archive.  You can create a shortcut on your desktop which points to the RTW.EXE file for quick start-up.



Step 5:

Read the CONTENTS and MANUAL files in the HWA directory on how to use the program.  Please feel free to email us if you have any questions or problems.



Step 6:

You will need to periodically delete the following temporary files out of the HWA directory as they are created each time you do a search:

  • search.tmp

  • viewer?.tmp

  • srch?.dat

  • be careful not to delete any other files or the program will not work and you will have to re-install it.