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Wildcard Searches
You can use wildcard characters '*' and '?' in your search terms to search for multiple words and return a larger set of results. An asterisk (*) in a search term represents any number of characters, while a question mark (?) represents any single character. This allows you to perform advanced searches such as 'zoom*' which would return all pages containing words beginning with 'zoom'. Similarly, 'z??m' would return all pages containing four letter words beginning with 'z' and ending with 'm'. Also, '*car*' would be a search for any words containing the word 'car'.

Exact Phrase Searches
An exact phrase search returns results where the words are found in the same order that they are specified. For example, an exact phrase search for the words "green tea" would only return results where the phrase 'green tea' appears. It would not return pages where the words 'green' and 'tea' are found separately, or in a different order such as, 'tea green'. To specify an exact phrase search term, you need to enclose the words that form the phrase using double quotation marks. You can also combine the use of exact phrase searches with normal search terms and wildcard search terms within a single search query (e.g. "green tea" japan*). Note however, that wildcards within exact phrases (e.g. "green te*") are not supported.

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