Herbert W. Armstrong Searchable Library

Future Plans

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The immediate goal of this project is to make the historical literature of Herbert W. Armstrong available to the general public in its original format.  We are presenting the literature in PDF exact image format and trying to make the documents individually searchable as well.  The literature can be read online or downloaded.  Because of the amount of material and our desire to make as much of it available as soon as possible, we have decided to upload preliminary copies of our files.  These files, with "Prelim" in the name, have not yet had their pages straightened, cropped, or color adjusted.  This may be done at a later date.


When the web site is sufficiently complete, and with most of the documents made searchable, our next goal will be to create a new searchable database incorporating all the documents together.  This will allow a single search to produce a list of all the documents on this web site which contain the search argument.  Presently almost everything has been made individually searchable. (completed 5-18-20)


We welcome suggestions as to how this web site can be improved, or on what viewers would like to see.  Correspondence may be sent via email to hwaorg@yahoo.com and we will try to respond to all inquiries.