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Steadily growing since 2004, the Herbert W. Armstrong Searchable Library (HWA Library) is attempting to preserve the media heritage of the WCG under Herbert W. Armstrong.  The HWA Library is not affiliated with any church group or other organization, and does not have any particular message of its own.  It is intended as a library-like resource for anyone needing access to old WCG publications in their original formats (scanned images of the publications as opposed to digitized text).  Contact us by email at hwaorg@yahoo.com .

The library started out with old Plain Truth and Good News magazines, then added most other church publications, and now even has a good amount of foreign language material.  In addition, the HWA Library has made available Russian, Chinese, Arabic, and Hindi translations of Mystery of the Ages.

The financial needs of the HWA Library are met internally and it does not receive any outside funding.  Needed literature has been received from many sources and much time and labor has been freely given to make this resource possible.  With few exceptions, all the scanning and video encoding has been done by the HWA Library.